5 ways to check debit card balance without visiting the bank or ATM

5 ways to check debit card balance without visiting the bank or ATM

Debit cards are usually synced to an individual’s savings account. While a debit card allows a user to utilize electronic money for goods and services, it also offers the user an overview of his/her account activities. The account holder can either check the balance at an ATM by swiping the card at the machine or go to the bank in person.

However, for those people who are unable to find the time for a bank or ATM visit, there are other alternatives available to check their debit card balance.

Methods to check debit card balance
The methods you may use to check debit card balance are:

  • Online banking: E-Banking is the best way to check debit card balance. Since all the account activities are linked to the accountholder’s online ID, the accountholder need not visit the bank anymore. A Customer ID and temporary password are provided by the bank when the account is opened. Using this, one can even get a bank statement on his/her accounts.
  • Download the bank’s mobile phone app: This is another popular method to check debit card balance. Banks have also ventured into providing mobile application services, like e-banking, but with fewer features. One can either set up a secure pin to open the app or use the customer ID (the net banking ID) to gain access to one’s account. After this, one can easily check their financial standing.
  • Call the bank teller: One can call their local bank branch and speak to the teller to receive updates on a debit card balance too. For this service, the bank teller will ask for the account number and other details to verify the identity of the account holder who is calling. Once this is confirmed, the teller will reveal the debit card balance.
  • Use the toll-free customer service: There is a toll-free customer service phone number on the back of every debit card. The account holder can call the number and follow the same instructions that he/she would with the bank teller, to learn about the debit card balance.
  • Sign up for bank updates on text: Banks offer an option to receive an SMS service, wherein they provide the customer with constant updates regarding the account’s activities. One can return an SMS to the bank with a specific code that could retrieve their debit card balance instantly.

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