The perfect hair care routine for women with long tresses

The perfect hair care routine for women with long tresses

Cannot help but admire your long tresses? Well, most women love their long mane that they glamorously flaunt. Perfect long hair makes for the most beautiful looks as they can be styled in a plethora of lovely ways. From gathering them into a vintage bun to letting them run across your back, strong and healthy long hair is so appealing. However, long hair does require some effort to maintain its desirable luster. A dedicated hair care routine will go a long way in ensuring that your mane retains its glory.

Here is a hair care routine that you must religiously follow.

Frequent hair trims
You may have heard this several times, regular trim sessions are an essential part of hair care. Trims do not work on getting your hair to grow faster, but they do get rid of the unhealthy split ends that cause hair breakage. Split ends also strip the hair off its natural oils and cause a loss in the volume. Thus, never skip those trips to the salon for a hair trim.

Gentle hair brushing
The idea of going to bed without brushing your hair may seem tempting, but it does not do well for your hair. An addition to your hair care routine, you must brush your hair with a gentle bristle brush to distribute the hair oils evenly. Moreover, this step also aids the circulation in the scalp making it healthier.

Eat healthy foods
Retaining the beauty of your long tresses not only depends upon the use of external products but the foods you consume too. For a healthy hair growth pattern, you must nourish the hair from the inside too. Foods like fish, nuts, beans, and whole grains are abundant in protein, which is great for the hair’s well-being.

Cold hair rinses
Washing your hair with steamy showers can do more damage to your hair than you can imagine. It strips the moisture of your hair strands and makes them rough too. Thus, during hair cleansing sessions, it is recommended to drop the temperature levels of the bath. Also, cold water rinses before stepping out of the shower will seal the cuticles and strengthen the hair shaft.