Everything you need to know about Humana Medicare Part D plan

Everything you need to know about Humana Medicare Part D plan

Medicare Part D is a form of coverage that is offered by private companies which include Humana. It depends on your enrollment with Medicare Part C or original Medicare on whether you get Humana Medicare Part D or not. The coverage may be bought through two different ways—one is by joining the Medicare Advantage plan and the other is to buy a separate prescription drug plan that will work with the Basic Medicare plan.

In case you are enrolled for the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan that includes prescription drug coverage, it is best to not enroll in a separate plan for the same. In case you do, you will be immediately disenrolled from the Advantage Plan and you will return to the Original Medicare. At the same time, you may enroll for Humana Medicare Part D if you are in a Medical Advantage Plan and it does not offer any additional prescription drug benefits.

How does the plan work?
The plans need all the private companies to offer coverage with regard to part D in order to provide the minimum benefits to enrollees. Every plan will have a list of medications that are covered in it which you need to keep in mind. Some plans need you to use only specific pharmacies for a specific medicine to be purchased. You need to remember that not all the prescription drug plans may be purchased in every area of the state. The plan will change from one area to another.

Two of the common Humana-offered prescription drug plans include:

  • Humana Enhanced plan – It provides numerous prescription drugs to you and does not have any deductibles.
  • Humana Walmart Rx plan – It offers you a coverage at low premiums while providing a decent assortment of prescription drugs.

You will have to make a monthly payment apart from the Part B premium for Humana Medicare Part D. The plans vary with regard to the coverage and there could be different coverage rules like a limit on the number of medicines or doses of a medication that the pharmacist may give you at a point of time.

Medicare plans offer an additional coverage, but the plans vary with regard to the cost and the area. Hence, it is best to browse the market for available plans and compare the costs and coverages available in the market, before you zero in on any one plan. The plans may be easily compared online and it will give you a detailed information about the money you need to pay for a prescription drug coverage.