Different types of Victoria’s Secret coupons

Different types of Victoria’s Secret coupons

Victoria’s Secret is the world-class brand of women’s premium lingerie, women’s wear, and beauty products. Given that this brand is quite expensive, learning how to save money at Victoria’s Secret is crucial for all women on a tight budget. Here are some ways to reduce your shopping bill at Victoria’s Secret using coupons.

In comparison to other famous costly brands, Victoria’s Secret has three distinct type of offers for its customers valuing their passion for the brand.

Free shipping – In general, at Victoria’s Secret, the shipping is given for free only if the purchases are above $99. Having a free shipping coupon will not only lower this threshold but also eliminate the shipping fee completely. Every month, there are about 5 to 15 coupons given out with shipping options and they have a minimum purchase requirement of about $50 to $100. The free shipping coupons from Victoria’s Secret are not only a rarity but also have a shorter validity for purchases. Another type of free shipping coupon is for the purchase of a particular line of items or a single item such as a bra, shoes, and swimwear. However, these types of free shipping coupons do not have a minimum purchase requirement. And once such an item has been purchased, every other item you add to the cart becomes free of cost for shipping as well.

Free gift with purchase – These common types of coupons from Victoria’s Secret are offered every month and the range of offering is from 4 to 13. The free gifts given out as part of these Victoria’s Secret coupons are from specific pieces of clothing to accessories such as necklaces, umbrellas, etc. To be eligible for the free gift, you have to make certain qualifying purchases and the offers are usually available when you buy a specific thing or for qualifying with a minimum purchasing amount.

Dollar and percentage off – Getting a free gift or getting a completely free shipping option through Victoria’s Secret coupons is definitely worth the deal, but what is even better is if you get a good discount on a particular item that you want to specifically purchase. These are usually coupons that can be used as general-use coupons in order to get some amount of discount on all or any items, or they can offer discounts on specific items or categories. Examples include 20% off on purchasing a panty or $20 off on a $100 purchase.