Types of automotive lifts

Types of automotive lifts

Automotive lifts come in all shapes and sizes. The one that matches your requirement depends on your work, circumstances, and location. If you are running a home repair auto shop to fix cars, automotive lifts will vary on the basis of the grade of the equipment, maintenance requirements, the capacity, and the cost. Based on these factors, here are the most common types of automotive lifts you should know about:

Four-post automotive lifts
These are also known as alignment lifts, and they are most commonly used by the automotive repair companies and are mostly used for wheel balancing or alignment. Some four-post home automotive lifts require no anchorage to the floor and hence they can be moved relatively easily when needed using supplied casters.

Two-post automotive lifts
Also called “frame-engaging” lifts, they are available in two types, symmetric and asymmetric automotive lifts. They work great for small a “drive-through” garage where you drive in your vehicle, lift it, fix it, and drive out. If you are using the symmetric two-post automotive lift, ensure that your car does not bump into the posts because of the space constriction. Asymmetric posts are rotated to 30-degree angles and the front arms are shorter than the back arms for a well-balanced weight distribution.

Automotive scissor lifts
They are named as scissor lifts because they lift vehicles with an accordion-like mechanism. The automotive lifts have a metal frame of an “x” shape that is joined to raise the platform. Scissor lifts come in a variety of heights, making them suitable for both home and professional auto repair shops. They can be used for both frame and wheel engaging models.

Portable automotive lifts
These lifts are of big advantage for garages with space constraints as they can be packed and stored in the same garage when not in use. However, portable automotive lifts cannot be used for heavier vehicles such as pickup trucks.

In-ground automotive lifts
The best feature of in-ground automotive lifts is that they can be kept on a level with the ground. They are the best options for truck lifting and are generally more expensive than the conventional automotive lifts as they require stronger hydraulic systems to lift trucks.

Parking lifts
These types of lifts are beneficial for both public and private parking spaces as they give enough parking space vertically. They generally occupy two cars and are smaller than four-post automotive lifts.