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NONPROFIT TAXES & ACCOUNTING We specialize in nonprofit accounting through years of professional commitment serving the nonprofit industry. We are well aware of the challenges that nonprofit organizations face today to manage a sound financial and grant management system. SMALL BUSINESS TAXES & ACCOUNTING BMDPC is the ultimate accounting service you will need to hire. We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping, and financial services plans that fit your business requirements and budget. We do NOT just crunch numbers. We add values to your business including ... INDIVIDUAL TAXES & ACCOUNTING We provide a wide range of personal tax services that include; tax preparation and filing, tax and estate planning. Further, BMDPC develops a customized financial plan, designed to achieve your specific goals and objectives within any given timeframe. ACCOUNTING/BOOKKEEPING We provide accounting and finance services ranging from performing a specific bookkeeping task as you require to fully administering the accounting and finance department. Accounting service is the crux of BMDPCs business.Our finance team is committed to putting the accounting puzzle pieces together. • NONPROFIT • SMALL BUSINESS PAYROLL AND BENEFITS By developing policies and procedures in the area of payroll and fringe benefits, especially those that comply with the applicable labor laws and benefits administration regulations, BMDPC can keep your company fully compliant at all times. BMDPCs Payroll and Benefits Administration service include: • NONPROFIT • SMALL BUSINESS TAX SERVICES BMDPC is dedicated to ensuring the current tax laws and new regulations are incorporated into your taxes. By attending frequent tax seminars and researching IRS tax updates, we regularly evaluate the best methods to pay the lowest possible amount of taxes allowable by law. "Schedule an appointment with Tax-Man" . • SMALL BUSINESS • INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL PLANNING We are dedicated to developing a financial plan that aids in achieving your short- and long-term financial goals. BMDPC offers advice related to retirement savings, identifying and mitigating risk, estate and gift planning, charitable planning, education savings and planning for major expenditures. • FINANCIAL PLANNING AND CONSULTING



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