Types of Maytag refrigerators available in the market

Types of Maytag refrigerators available in the market

If you’re planning on replacing your old fridge, choosing the right one could prove to be a daunting task. With so many brands, models, types, designs, and function options available, customers are spoiled for choice.

Maytag is a popular and reliable brand and it was recently been acquired by Whirlpool. There are several types of Maytag refrigerators, appliances, and different parts available in the market. Some of these products include refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, cooking-ranges, and cooktops.

The Maytag Corporation offers a plethora of options in refrigerators. To help you make the right choice, a brief overview of the types has been given below.

Types of Maytag refrigerators in the market
French door: This style is widely popular. It has side-by-side doors with a bottom freezer. The big advantage is that it gives you eye-level access to food, shelves, and crisper-drawers. The freezer located at the bottom is ergonomically-designed because it’s accessed less frequently than the main unit. Food has to be stacked in the freezer because it’s only a drawer-unit and there are no shelves. Maytag technology offers a fingerprint resistant steel body, a quick-chill button, dual-cold evaporators, and a beverage chiller option for this type. Models are available generally in black and silver.

Side-by-side: With lots of freezer space, easy access to frozen foods, more compartments, and better-organized shelving, side-by-side doors are another popular choice. Maytag offers a capacity of up to 26 cubic ft. with external water/ice-dispenser and humidity control crispers. This is a great option for large families.

Top-freezer: This type of Maytag refrigerator keeps your food organized in the way you need best. The freezer is located at eye-level, with the door-opening option of right or left available based on your kitchen configuration. The body is constructed using sturdy, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and it is available in black, white, and stainless steel editions. The PowerCold feature provides quick cooling and the EvenAir cooling tower distributes cold air evenly.

Bottom freezer: This type offers a space-saving design and convenience for people to access the lower shelves of the fridge. Locating the freezer at the bottom is a smarter use of the available space. Maytag refrigerators offer the bottom freezer model with the left or right opening option for the top section and freezer drawers in the bottom unit to organize your food better. This model is available in 22 and 19 cubic ft. sizes. For this type, Maytag offers the regular fingerprint-resistant steel body and just a quick wipe keeps it looking as good as new.

All models offered by Maytag are backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty.