Top three factors to help you choose an auto cover

Top three factors to help you choose an auto cover

It is crucial to protect your car from damage as it a prized and esteemed investment of yours. A damaged car may have mechanical problems in the long run, decreasing its value and your enjoyment of it. In this case, auto covers can be your best bet irrespective of the type of vehicle parking space. But before you head off to the nearest store, read up on factors that will help you select an auto cover that adequately suits your needs. The following article emphasizes the important factors to remember while buying an auto cover for your most prized investment on wheels.

Parking space type
There is a general notion among car buyers that they might not need an auto cover if they have a covered parking space or store their cars in a garage. Dust and moisture are concerning factors indoors too. If you have an open parking space, then with dust and moisture, factors such as vandalism and unintentional scratches from people and other vehicles passing by also need to be considered. Hence, auto covers are necessary in both cases. The only difference will be in the type of the material which you can read about below.

Material and style of auto cover
The material plays an important role irrespective of the type of auto cover (truck cover, boat cover, or even RV covers). There is a wide variety of fabrics used in manufacturing auto covers. Some brands even create their own blend of fabric that protects the car from almost all types of damage. Hence choose an auto cover that offers maximum protection to your vehicle. You also need to consider environmental factors when buying an auto cover. For instance, choose a water-resistant and a minimum moisture absorbing fabric if you live in areas where it rains most of the year. If you live in dry areas of the country, consider buying a dustproof auto cover. Choose a lightweight auto cover if you drive frequently so that you can easily pull on and off the same and opt for a more form-filling auto cover that hugs your vehicle’s body tightly if you do not plan to drive your car for months on end.

Extra features
Other features such as breathability and UV resistance can also be considered while choosing an auto cover. Breathability expels the trapped moisture and heat and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. The UV resistance prevents the color from fading in the long run if you have an open parking space.

Once you have decided on the above three factors, measure your car bumper to bumper to know the exact length of the auto cover. Read customer reviews and compare the prices of the top most brands of auto covers to select the best out of the lot.