Top four auto cover fabrics to know about

Top four auto cover fabrics to know about

Auto covers, which include truck covers, boat covers, and even RV covers, are designed to keep your vehicle clean and protected from vandalism and environmental damage. They are designed on the basis of where you park your vehicle and the overall environmental topology of your location. There are a huge number of brands that have come up with their signature blend of fabric materials to protect the color and other features of your vehicle. The following article mentions some of the top auto cover brands and the materials they use to help keep your vehicle protected. Read on to find out more:

The Auto cover is by Covercraft and is manufactured in our country by Kimberly-Clark. They manufacture auto covers ranging from luxury car covers to truck covers, boat covers, and even RV covers. The auto cover is a soft, flannel-like fabric constructed from four layers of non-woven composite material. The makers of auto covers use an ultrasonic lamination process, which creates a high degree of dust protection. Dustop auto covers are manufactured mainly for indoor car storage.

Tan Flannel
This indoor auto cover, as the name suggests, is made of a blend of flannel and poly cotton. The underside being flannel in fact almost creases on your car paint. It has a long-wearing property and can be reliably used for years. The fabric is 50% heavier as compared to the other entry-level auto cover brands. The fabric blend is breathable, allowing the heat and moisture to escape. Available only in tan color, it is treated to resist mildew.

Weather Shield
The fabric of these covers is made for cars that are parked in the open. It is a lightweight cover fabric that is manufactured using the encapsulation process. The fabric is originally intended for high-performance sportswear. The mentioned encapsulation process uses a breathable material surrounding durable polyester fabric, which helps in resisting water and sunlight. The auto cover is also UV resistant, which slows down the (naturally occurring) color degradation. It has an absorption factor of nearly 2%, which is impressive when compared to the 40% absorption factor of the other auto cover brands. As a result, it always helps keep your vehicle dry.

Another one of Covercraft’s creation, the outdoor auto covers of Noah™ are made from a blend of polyethylene and nylon, which makes them suitable for wet weather protection. Noah™ Auto covers have a good water, UV, and dust resistance. The breathability of the fabric expels the moisture and heat trapped beneath the cover. The auto cover weighs a mere 5 ounces per square yard.