Top 6 car brands you should know about

Top 6 car brands you should know about

The ever-growing automobile industry gives us a plethora of cars and brands that often leaves us confused while buying a car. Shortlisting and buying a car can be grueling. Therefore, it is important to learn about some of the top car brands out of the lot before you start shortlisting cars.

Below are some of the top car brands that you should know about and can consider shortlisting.

Also referred to as Chevy, is an American automobile company that was founded in 1911 in Detroit, Michigan. Chevrolet manufactures reliable cars for everyone. You will find all types of cars from electric to diesel hatchbacks to muscle cars. Therefore, it suits every taste and lifestyle. Some of the best Chevrolet cars you can consider buying are Impala, Avalanche, Cobalt, Colorado, and Corvette.

Ever since Ford cars have been manufactured till today, the company has seen many ups and downs. However, there are some qualities that Ford has never compromised on and because of them, the company stands strong in front of its competition. Some of the best qualities in all Ford cars are the turbocharged engines, their line of hybrid cars and electric vehicles (EVs), and their performance-driven car models.

GMC is owned by General Motors, and the company exclusively sells trucks, vans, and SUVs. Therefore, you will not find sedans and hatchbacks sold by GMC. If you are looking for some top SUV car brands, then GMC should be on your list. GMC SUVs are known for their rigid built and reliability.

This Japanese company is known for making some of the top sedans in the country including CR-V, Civic, Accord, Pilot, and Odyssey. The reason for Honda’s success in the country and the rest of the world is because of Honda cars’ unmatched reliability and safety. Apart from that, Honda also manufactures some of the best fuel-efficient cars that are stylish and affordable.

Coming to Nissan, another Japanese multinational automobile company, which is known for manufacturing cars, it has a reputation for quality, safety, and fuel efficiency. Along with these qualities, Nissan cars also deliver cutting-edge, award-worthy automotive technology.

If you are still looking for more options, then you should learn about cars by Toyota. Some of the top compelling qualities of Toyota cars include safety, resale value, easy maintenance, and cutting-edge technology.