Top 3 electric blankets that you can buy online

Top 3 electric blankets that you can buy online

Electric blankets benefit sleepers in many ways. While their primary function is to provide heat, these blankets also have therapeutic benefits. This product is especially useful for patients who have arthritis or fibromyalgia. Electric blankets are also energy efficient and can help you save some money on your heating bills during winter.

Here are the three of the most popular heating blankets that you can buy online.

Sunbeam® Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket
The 10-hour auto-off feature is perhaps the highlight of Sunbeam’s electric blanket. Its wiring system’s design distributes heat evenly throughout the blanket. Moreover, this 100% polyester blanket keeps your entire body warm. It also features a dual temperature control system that lets you and your partner enjoy different temperatures with the same electric blanket. Sunbeam’s quilted fleece heated blanket has ten different control settings. Slip a duvet over it if you can feel the wires through the fabric or if you want to keep it clean for longer. You can purchase the blanket on Amazon for $79 approximately.

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece Electric Heated Blanket
Many people might think that a microfleece blanket is too expensive for their daily needs. However, you should splurge on this product as it will provide you with the ultimate level of comfort. Moreover, this blanket also helps you save money as it uses less electricity to provide heat with a revolutionary low voltage technology. The blanket also features a dual heat setting that allows both partners to share one electric blanket with different heat settings. The blanket has an auto power-off system in case you forget to turn it off. Thus, it is energy efficient and also reduces the risk of a short circuit due to overheating. You can purchase the Soft Heat electric blanket from Amazon for around $185.

Sunbeam® Microplush Heated Throw
Sunbeam’s Microplush Heated Throw is an affordable option when you are looking to stay warm but don’t want to spend a lot of cash. The Microplush Heated Throw electric blanket offers only three heating modes and three-hour auto power off feature as compared to other products that come with more functions. However, its limited functionality does not make the product subpar as it still provides good heating. You can purchase this inexpensive electric blanket for around $40 on various shopping websites.