Top 10 investment options for yielding high returns

Top 10 investment options for yielding high returns

Individuals with no prior knowledge of saving and investing the money earned often have a tough time securing funds for the future. Bad decisions with respect to money could lead to a terrible credit standing, which might make it for you difficult to sustain.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the 10 best investment options that guarantee good returns. These investment options offer less risk and high yield—something that many investors often look for when investing.

Residential properties
Residential properties are known to be the best kind of investment. The returns on the house, even after depreciation, is considerably much higher than any investment put together. So, it is advisable that you invest in owning a home early in your career.

High-interest savings accounts
These accounts simply expect you to keep a principal amount for which you’ll receive a periodic interest. They are low-risk and assure you of a fixed return on investment, making it a worthy addition of the 10 best investment options.

Credit card rewards
Credit card companies have various tie-ups with service providers, where you may take advantage of a signup bonus, discounts, reward points, cash back, and more.

Mutual funds
Mutual funds, as a concept, have been designed for the average investor who favors stability and security of funds. Your savings are invested in a diverse portfolio, which is managed by expert professionals. This ensures your money is in safe hands and carries low risk.

Retirement accounts
Many companies offer 401(k) plans to their employees. This fund is basically a retirement account where they consistently save. The money may be withdrawn once the individual retires from the company or the profession.

Securities backed by the government
The government has various financial securities to offer. They might not yield great benefits, but will not be a loss-making investment.

Money market funds
Money market funds might not earn you a drastic profit or interest on the principal amount invested in the funds. However, it does maintain the principal amount, which makes it less risky.

Municipal bonds
The added advantage of purchasing a municipal bond (or Munis) is that the bonds are exempt from Federal income tax, making it a strong financial tool for you if you want to cut down tax cost.

Share market
Playing the share market with owned stocks is the riskiest, but the most rewarding, financial tool. You may buy multiple stocks from one of the top 10 investment companies and sell them depending on your stand in the market.

Preferred stocks
If you wish to reap bigger benefits, you may move from regular stocks to preferred stocks wherein the stockholder is entitled to benefit from a portion of equity and debt instrument (bond) in a company.

These 10 investment options are your best bet for getting great returns. Invest today to yield those benefits.