The top five best cooktops that you can buy

The top five best cooktops that you can buy

A cooktop can be an excellent addition to the kitchen as this innovative appliance can help you accomplish any cooking task in an efficient and convenient way. Also, this kitchen appliance comes with various cutting-edge features and is safe to use and maintain.

In the last few years, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of cooktops. That is why, most of the major kitchen appliance companies have started their own lines of cooktops, both gas and electric.

However, not all the cooktops available in the stores are worth the investment, as there are very few that actually live up to the hype and deliver optimum results.

Every year, many gas and electric cooktops enter the appliance market and get rated in terms of performance, features, maintenance, and safety.

Similarly, in the year of 2017, many cooktops became famous for their features and performance, but only a few received top ratings. Here we have rounded up the best cooktops of 2017 that are worth investing in.

Bosch NGM5055UC500 30 inches Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop
This incredible gas cooktop from Bosch comes with 4 sealed burners and has a stainless-steel exterior. Not only the incredible features and premium exterior but also this cooktop’s excellent performance makes it one of the best in the market.

GE® JP3030SJSS 30 inches Electric Cooktop
This GE® electric cooktop is equipped with 4 cooking elements and features a stylish glass surface. This electric cooktop allows you to cook food fast and consumes less energy in the process. Worth the investment, this electric cooktop is a perfect blend of form and function.

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30 inches Black Electric Cooktop
This 30-inch electric cooktop comes equipped with 4 cooking elements and a hot surface indicator light that makes it safe to use. It features a built-in oven and the knobs are dishwasher-safe. This electric cooktop can meet all your cooking needs.

Frigidaire 30 inches Electric Cooktop FFEC3024LB
Made with premium-quality materials, Frigidaire’s 30-inch electric cooktop definitely makes the 2017 best cooktops list and is popular for its performance and efficiency. Equipped with 4 cooking elements, this cooktop is cited as excellent in terms of safety and maintenance. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

GE® Profile™ PGP9830SJSS 30 inches Gas Cooktop With Downdraft In Black
GE’s Profile™ series has some of the top-rated cooktops in the market. This is one of them that comes equipped with the amazing downdraft exhaust system that can remove smoke and odor from the kitchen. This high-rated gas cooktop features a stainless-steel exterior.

These are 2017’s best cooktops that received a top rating for their excellent performance, easy-to-use features, safety mechanism and sleek designs.