The perfect colors for your home

The perfect colors for your home

Exterior house painting involves getting the right kind of paint for where you live and that depends a lot on the general weather conditions of your town.
Exterior house painting requires finding the right paint for your house. Exterior paints can be oil based or water based and have softer resin as compared to interior paints. Exterior house painting is vital as it not only makes your house look better but also protects your walls from rain, sunlight, snow, and other extreme weathering.
Interior paints and exterior paints cannot be interchanged. Interior paints used outside will lead to cracking and peeling of paint. Outdoor paints also have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful if used in the interiors, as they are toxic to you and your family members. It is advised to use only exterior paints for painting the exterior of your house.
There are various color schemes that can be used in exterior house painting. Some modern and stylish exterior paint color ideas are:

Aqua, ivory, and white
Symmetrical houses exude a sense of elegance, formality, and heritage. Úsing whites and other lighter shades add to this elegant look. The door can be painted in bright or pastel colors like aqua to make your house stand out from the rest.

Brown, honeysuckle white, and mustard yellow
This color scheme is perfect for cottage-style houses or the Tudor-style houses. While the honeysuckle white color gives a nice traditional feel to the house, the mustard yellow adds a contemporary look to the house.

Deep turquoise, slate gray, and white
Elegance and sophistication are embodied by the slate gray while being accented by the white. A deep turquoise door works as a great compliment with the slate gray. Darker colors can set your house apart from other houses. Some people are afraid of using grays and blacks, but the white accent cuts through the dark shades beautifully.

Canary yellow and soft gray
Painting your home exterior in a soft grey and accenting the house with a canary yellow gives your house a completely modern look. The door, in this case, can remain brown or any traditional door color works well with this combination.

Crabapple, beige, and blue-gray
Majorly using crabapple exterior paint color along with a beige accent can make your house stand out. The beige accent cuts through the dark paint and painting the door in blue-gray adds a dimension to your house that makes your house look rustic, yet modern.