The most effective hair care tips for curly tresses

The most effective hair care tips for curly tresses

Curly tresses are unique and look undoubtedly pretty. The springs of hair make for an extremely gorgeous mane and naturally add to a glamorous look. But all things said and done, there is no denying the fact that maintaining curly hair can be harder than solving the Rubik’s cube. A major part of your daily chore, hair care for curly hair can truly be a daunting task. This hair type commonly lacks natural moisture and is prone to quick damage. This makes it extremely essential to care for and look after them well. If you have been fretting about your curly hair care routine, don’t worry anymore! Here are 4 effective hair care tips that work extremely well for curly hair.

Ditch the brush for the comb – Hair brushes are a big ‘No’ for curly hair. You must use a good quality comb and gently detach each hair knot, from the bottom. Avoid yanking all the hair and brushing them rigorously. Rather, gently run your comb through moving from the bottom to the top.

Regular trims – Curly hair is prone to dryness as it lacks moisture in the tips. This leads to the development of slip ends that are never healthy for your hair. Moreover, they also make the hair extremely frizzy and make it difficult for styling. For healthy curls that are well defined and bouncy, it is better to head to a salon for a trim, at least every 2 months.

Apply essential oils – Over time, the hair gets damaged and dull due to the pollution and changing weather conditions. Food for your tresses; essential oils are extremely beneficial to your hair as part of the daily hair care routine. Oils such as coconut, almond, olive and more do a tremendous job at replenishing the moisture in your hair and providing the nutrients to the tips. Regular application of essential oils will instantly uplift the spirits of your coiled mane.

Avoid heating products – Exposing the hair and styling it excessively with heat can cause the curls to lose their sheen and spiral-shape. They will begin to look lifeless if regularly treated with hair irons and dryers. However, if you must absolutely use heating products, use them at a low-temperature post the application of a heat protectant on the tresses.