Reasons to choose ABC Warehouse appliances

Reasons to choose ABC Warehouse appliances

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to all your retail appliance and electronics needs, then the ABC Warehouse is the place for you. Though the company is based in Michigan, they have opened stores in both Ohio and Indiana.

They have everything from kitchen appliances to home decor at affordable rates. As their motto goes; the closest thing to wholesale. So, read on to know why you need to opt for ABC Warehouse appliances.

Best possible prices
If you’ve wanted the right mix of both online and offline shopping, then ABC Warehouse is the one for you. At the website, you can find deals that would beat any discount offers you’ve seen- both instore and online. But it’s less so much the pricing, and more so much how many ways you can make the payment in. Moreover, ABC Warehouse appliances can be bought with the ABC Warehouse credit card.

ABC Warehouse credit card
The ABC Warehouse credit card comes with a number of benefits; you have multiple payment options, you can also make easy EMI payments. However, the highlight is that there is no interest charged for EMI payments cleared within six months of purchase. And you have a number of card-holders’ exclusive offers that can save you a lot on your wallet.

Another thing that makes this card so user-friendly is that anyone can apply for it regardless of their credit score on any previous credit cards. You can also pay by phone and mail, using your ABC Warehouse credit card.

Multiple store locations
You can apply for the credit card online and in store. As for their brick and mortar stores, there are 42 outlets scattered throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. There is a store locator on the website you can use to find the store nearest to you.

Rebates and offers
On the ABC Warehouse website, you will find an entire page dedicated to just the rebates and promotions being run on different brands and appliances. Most of these have an expiry date and come with added features such as free home delivery. If you’re conscious about the specific brands you pick, then this page is a great way to get the brand you want at a steal price.

ABC Warehouse appliances are all authentic and tested, and with the easy payment, selection, and returns or exchange features, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.