Make impactful resumes with these top-rated resume builders

Make impactful resumes with these top-rated resume builders

Job seekers often find the whole process of building resume a bit overwhelming. Resume building is a process faced with tremendous competition requiring candidates to put their best foot forward ensuring they are able to display all their skills in the briefest and effective way possible.

We have a plethora of options available with us that provide us necessary tools and skills to create that perfect resume. A resume that will not be rejected in a pile of several other.

One of the main factors while choosing a top-rated resume builder is making sure that it is from a reputed website. Many top-rated resume builders are offered from job boards and discussion forums. They should have a concrete reputation for being safe and accurate, ensuring that information is safeguarded at all times.

These top-rated resume builders should have an easy-to-follow format; this is pertinent to the entire resume-building process by providing necessary information. Apart from this, a top resume builder should be able to post their actual resume on multiple job boards.

Based on these factors, here are some top-rated resume builders that you should consider creating your own unique resume.

This website offers free resume templates for every type of job description. The website helps you build a resume in 15 minutes. The templates are ATS friendly, meaning your resume will not get rejected by picky HR software. The website also offers to review your resume by a professional who will help you guide for the same for better accuracy and clarity. You can export your resume to .docx or PDF format. Visit their website for more information.

Although this resume builder is not the easiest to use, it is one of the top-rated resume builders as it offers a lot of scope for customization and has a lot of features. It offers three basic formats: double column, compact, and single column. You can also customize the background design, font, and colors. It offers a 14-day free trial. On completing the trial, you will be charged around $19.99 per month for a subscription. The pro-package costs you around $14.99 per months on quarterly subscription. The semi-annual prices for subscribing to Enhancv resume building services is $10.99 approximately.

One of the best features about this resume builder is it allows its user to publish your own personal resume. It has two prices: a free plan and a monthly subscription plan. For around $19 a month Kickresume provides grammar correction and improves the overall readability of the resume, thereby improving the chances of getting an interview.

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Being one of the top-rated resume builders on the internet, it allows its user to build a resume by choosing or importing an existing resume from their database. The template includes basic marketing resume, a mid-level professional, a business development resume, and a senior executive level resume among many others. The first resume is free where you get access to all the basic templates. The paid plan costs you around $18 a month where it lets you print a finished resume and giving you access to pro templates

Formerly known as Uptowork, this resume builder helps you through the entire resume-building process where it offers you tips to create an impactful resume. The starter package costs around $4.95 a month where it offers 70 color options and it allows employers to view and download your resume in PDF. Some of their templates include Cascade, Crisp, Muse, Cubic, and Concept.

Visit the official websites of all the above mentioned top-rated resume builders and select the ones that best suit your profile. After all, a resume represents your professional background and gives the employer the first impression about you as a working professional.