Know about the Tiffany table lampshades

Know about the Tiffany table lampshades

Tiffany table lamps are antique lamps for your side table or desk. A Tiffany table lamp is perfect for your house as it has an antique finish and can add a rustic yet contemporary appeal to your house.

What makes Tiffany table lamps better than other lamps?

Variety of colors
The Tiffany table lamp has vibrant colors as it is made of lead glass shades that brighten up your room. If you are a collector, the Tiffany lampshades can be your next favorite. The color on each inch of glass is attractive and long-lasting. Regular lampshades with glass shades can lose their color easily.

Type of glass
Designs with lead glass shades in the fancy glass like fractured or confetti add to the attractiveness of the lamp because the colors stand out more in these type of glasses. The look of a Tiffany table lamp mainly depends on the interdependency on the type of glass used along with the colors of the lamp.

Tiffany lamps have a rustic appeal
Tiffany table lamps were originally made in the 20th century and were particularly expensive at the time. The traditional Victorian designs of the lampshades add a rustic appeal to your home. The Wisteria table lampshades are rare and look aesthetic.

Shape and size of lampshades
Some sizes of Tiffany table lamps are very rare and are highly sought after. They are also very expensive. There is a variety of lampshades offered by Tiffany which are in demand. Some Tiffany table lamps shade come in various shapes and sizes such as bell-shaped, sharp-shouldered or helmet-shaped which look attractive.

Shade and base
Most leaded glass can crack easily after a long time and excessive cracks can ruin the look of the lampshade. Tiffany lamps, on the other hand, are virtually crack free and have a very good shelf life. They are durable and are sustainable for years together while retaining the color perfectly.

Base style
Tiffany table lamp bases are made for their own particular lampshades and mixing them can ruin the look of the lamp. Other lamps do not put in this much thought into the design of their lamps. Tiffany lamp bases are sometimes very fancy and have a simple shade, but some have a fancy shade and a simple base.