How to select a good barber chair

How to select a good barber chair

When setting up your barbershop, you have to buy a lot of equipment, and one of the key requirements is a set of high-quality barber chairs. You need not buy the most expensive chairs, but keep in mind a few basic features to check for before you head out shopping.

This is the furniture your clients sit on while you cut their hair. The barber chairs should be sturdy, comfortable and come with other functionalities like height adjustment, and rotation.

Strength of construction
This is a vital factor, the chair should be strong and constructed with materials that can support your clients, whatever their weight. You don’t want a lightweight chair that will wobble or even collapse when a heavy customer sits on it. Check this factor first, a sturdy frame is of high importance.

The chair should have good cushioning, the seat and backrest should be firm and supportive yet soft enough for the client to feel at ease. A chair with a good, adjustable headrest can be beneficial to provide added comfort, especially when the styling takes a long time, or when the client is having a pedicure or manicure.

Height adjustments
You serve many clients of differing heights and weights; you also get children as customers. So, the chair should have a good hydraulic height adjustment feature, with the ability to set it at many different heights and stay firmly in the set position. The chair should also have good recliner adjustments to put clients in the right position for you to work on them.

While you are styling your customer’s hair, you need to change positions to cover different areas. A good rotating barber chair makes this job easier. You don’t need to move, nor does the client. You just rotate the chair slightly as you work. Make sure that the chair does not rotate too fast and also has a lock mechanism. This will help to lock the chair in the position you want and prevent accidental rotation as you are cutting his hair.

Foot or calf rest
When the client is sitting in the char for a long time, it is best to provide full comfort to avoid strain. A good, adjustable foot or calf rest will help support their feet as they sit in the chair while you continue your work. Look for sturdy footrests that you can adjust according to the client’s needs.

These are the main features and functionalities to look for in a good barber chair. Beside this, you can choose the style and materials that suit your shop’s style and decor. The chairs should also be durable, easy to maintain and repair, and long lasting. Check the warranty, the construction, the durability of the upholstery etc. Barber chairs are expensive, and you need a matching set. So, you have to ensure that these pieces of furniture will last for years and you will not need to make the investment again within a short period of time.