Here’s how you can choose an automotive lift

Here’s how you can choose an automotive lift

Automotive lifts, also known as car lifts, are one of the most useful tools used by mechanics at a maintenance or repair shop because most of the work is done underneath the car. Automotive lifts can make your work easier, especially if you are working on brakes and on power train or engines. When thinking about installing automotive lifts, you need to know which type will work best for your vehicles as you need to consider the garage space and the vehicle type, and, of course, the budget.

Here are the factors you need to consider before buying an automotive lift:

Type of vehicle
It is necessary to choose an automotive lift based on the type of vehicle and its weight. Every automotive lift comes with weight limitations. Buy a heavy-duty automotive lift if you own a commercial auto garage or a two-post automotive lift for household garages.

Number of posts
You can choose an automotive lift based on space availability and the intended use. As discussed above, heavier lifts are recommended for commercial purposes and single or two-post automotive lifts for motorcycles, hatchbacks, and sedans. Four posts can be used for pickup trucks and if you have a commercial auto garage, consider installing in-ground automotive lifts as they can be hidden in the shop floors when not in use.

Garage slab considerations
Once you have determined the type of automotive lifts based on your vehicle, you also need to consider the slab thickness. Experts suggest that a garage slab should have at least five inches of thickness to support the weight of the automotive lift when it is in use. You also need to consider the height of the workshop and ensure that the lift can be hoisted without any interruptions.

Ask a specialist
If you are still not sure about the type of automotive lift for your personal or commercial garage, it’s best to consult a specialist or a mechanic. There are many brands such as Triumph, Atlas, BendPak, and Danmar, among others, that manufacture automotive lifts of different types based on the types of vehicles and their intended use. Read their customer reviews before deciding to buy an automotive lift for your vehicle.