Frequently asked questions on wheelchairs

Frequently asked questions on wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are essential for the disabled and the sick which help them to maneuver about the place. For those who require assistance in moving from one place to another, even within the house, a good wheelchair can be of great help. However, wheelchairs can be expensive, even manual models. If you are strapped for cash, you can still find some ways to buy wheelchairs that fit within your budget. Here are a few questions with related answers. This will help you find out the perfect wheelchair to buy during a sale.

Where can I find wheelchairs for sale near me?
If you have not used or bought a wheelchair before, spend some time on the Internet to find ongoing sales of stores that are near you. Also, learn about the types of wheelchairs available, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, self-propelled or push type manual chairs, foldable, bariatric etc.

Where to find wheelchairs for sale?
Once you have a good basic knowledge of what to look for in a good wheelchair, decide your budget and start shopping. You will find a great deal during the sale on wheelchairs.

  • New wheelchairs at discount prices
    Sometimes, in clearance sales or as promotional offers, new wheelchairs are offered at special prices, with deep discounts. Look for such offers, either online or at local medical equipment stores.
    You have to test the wheelchairs for comfort and functions. If you are buying online, make sure that these are from recognized brands and come with a return facility if you are not satisfied. If you are buying from a local store, you can always personally test the chair before buying it.
  • Used or refurbished wheelchairs
    You can look for used wheelchairs in thrift stores, estate sales, etc. If a local medical facility like a hospital, senior care facility, etc., is closing down or shifting to another place, they may sell off a large part of their current equipment, including wheelchairs. You can search newspaper classifieds or search online for announcements of such sales.
    You can also find sales of used, refurbished wheelchairs at medical equipment stores. Used or refurbished wheelchairs are also sold online. If you are buying online, ensure that there is a return facility.
    If offered at local sales, visit the facility, look at the wheelchairs available, and do a thorough inspection. Make sure that the used wheelchair is in good condition and if needed, can be repaired with just a small additional expense that will still be far below the price of a new one. If refurbished, check that it is fully functional, almost as good as new.
    You also customize the wheelchair as per your requirement. If possible, the person for whom it is meant should go along and personally try out the equipment for comfort and performance. If it all works out, buy it, and save a lot of money.

What if I can’t find wheelchairs for sale near me?
Well, call us crazy but you can take it a step further and hunt for a free wheelchair. Though these are hard to find, they are available.

The Wheelchair Foundation is an organization that receives funding to place bulk orders for wheelchairs at low prices. They then distribute them for free to those who need it, in the country and other places. They distribute these chairs through charity organizations like the Salvation Army.

There are other organizations like LifeNets Wheelchair Projects, Chariots of Love, and Direct Relief who also collect and distribute used wheelchairs to those who cannot afford to buy them.

For the mobility impaired, a wheelchair becomes a basic necessity. So, if you cannot afford the cost of a brand new model, try these other avenues to get a wheelchair at a low cost or even free of cost.