Four simple tips for anti-aging

Four simple tips for anti-aging

Age is an enemy that creeps up to people. To avoid any physical trace of it, many medicines and anti-aging products promise youthful skin with constant use. Some work great, some fail to show any difference, all of them cost a lot. However, when it comes to anti-aging, there are few simple tips that slow down the aging process in the long-run-

Apply a gentle face wash
Use a face wash with a gentle formula as harsh cleansers tend to make the skin more sensitive and lead to acne breakouts. Also, scrubbing face aggressively instead of gently is linked to accelerating the process of aging. You can simply choose face washes that are mild and oil-based as they provide the hydration that is needed. Also, choose ingredients like green tea that help in fighting against inflammation and wrinkles. Also, using your hands lightly while washing your face and cleansing in circular motions helps in slowing the process of aging.

A sunscreen is a must
Using sunscreen regularly helps in preventing signs of aging like uneven skin tone and age spots. Also, using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher is a great way for keeping your skin youthful and healthy. Apart from this, it is important to switch to sunscreens that are moisturized based instead of alcohol or gel based. This is because alcohol or gel based sunscreen tends to dry your skin out. Sunscreens that contain antioxidants provide the added benefit of boosting the collagen in your skin.

Watch your diet
What goes inside the body, reflects on the outside. Hence, when it comes to anti-aging tips, diet cannot be ignored. It is important to consume a diet that is healthy and contains foods that nourish your skin over the period of time. Avoid beverages and drinks that dehydrate your body like caffeinated drinks, alcohol, etc. Also, foods that are high in white carbohydrates and sugar speed up your aging process. Foods like fish, legumes, lean meat, beans, etc. are protein-based and do wonders for your skin in the long run. Plus, foods that contain antioxidants are great for the skin like lemon, tomatoes, oranges, etc.

Scrub the dead skin away
Our skin creates a new layer every 28 days and regenerates itself after shedding skin regularly. As we age, this process slows down leading to skin aging problems like rough patches, dull complexion, etc. One of the effective anti-aging tips is to exfoliate weekly to remove the build-up of dead skin. It is also important to choose a scrub that is not harsh on your skin as it may cause irritation and redness.