Four firms that have the best financial advisers

Four firms that have the best financial advisers

Looking for some of the best financial advisers in the country can be a daunting task. Even after conducting extensive research, you might not have a clear idea of which financial adviser is the best for you. Dealing with finances as an individual or even a business can be tricky once your finances cross the six-digit mark and have a high number of daily transactions. In a different case, you might also have large financial incomings and might need advice in terms of investment. A financial adviser will be ideal to guide you with investment as well. Following is a list of some of the popular financial advisory companies with the best financial advisers.

Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLC
This firm ranks high mainly due to its grip over $33 billion in assets, which is approximately four times more than the asset value of the second-ranking firm on the list. The account minimum of this firm is also substantially high at $10 million. Most of the clients for this financial advisory have significantly high assets. If they are dealing with families, they are most often spread across more than three generations of the family. The firm holds four certified financial planners (CPFs), 12 chartered financial analysts (CFAs), and two certified public accountants (CPAs). The fact that they rank high as a firm is a clear indicator that they have some of the best financial advisers in their arsenal.

TAG Associates LLC
With its inception in 1983, TAG qualifies to be the oldest firm on this list of firms with best financial advisers. It is another firm that is addressed only to the elite as they allow clients to have investable assets of at least $10 million. They also have another attractive number, which is the highest number of certified public accountants associated with them. There are six certified public accounts and only one certified financial planner. Every single client that approaches the firm or their financial advisors is met by a team from TAG and not just a single advisor or director. They follow have a fee-only structure and have an impressive team of 24 of the best financial advisers. The firm’s goal is to allow their clients to preserve and build on their finances from one generation to another.

Evercore Wealth Management, LLC
Evercore Wealth Management is a part of the global investment banking advisory firm, Evercore. This firm makes the list as it has the highest number of financial advisers for any firm. They have 49 financial advisers out of which, four are certified financial planners (CFPs) and three are certified trust and financial advisors (CTFAs). The account minimum for this advisory firm is not as high as the first two on the list; it is set at $5 million. They are not very old but have made a substantial impact on the industry to make this list; the firm was founded in 2008. They have zero disclosures and follow a fee-based structure for the payments. In some cases, they collaborate with their colleagues at Evercore, which could add an additional fee. They have a set of best financial advisers that will help the clients with a plan that showcases the costs and risks as well as the impact of a market downturn on a portfolio.

HPM Partners LLC
The major advantage of this frim is their team. The team is packed with individuals that have an array of certifications and credentials held by them. This top advisory firm has eight certified financial planners (CFPs), which is the highest for any firm on this list. This is the only firm you can approach if you are looking for advice on finances regarding a divorce as only they have a certified divorce analyst. Furthermore, they have 10 certified public accountants (CPAs) and six chartered financial analysts (CFAs). The account minimum for this fee-based firm is also low; it is set at $2 million. If you are looking for financial advisors with a limited budget and exceptional services, this is the ideal advisory firm for you.