Four best travel credit cards for small business

Four best travel credit cards for small business

Business credit cards have a variety of rewards and a range of fees and APRs. The best credit card varies based on a person’s personal preference and business situation. Some of the key factors that are usually needed to be considered while choosing the best travel credit card for small business are introductory APR, annual fee, ongoing APR, ongoing and introductory rewards, and cards that are designed for traveling specifically. Out of the variety of choices that are available, below are the four best travel credit cards for small business.

Chase Ink Business Preferred℠
Chase Ink Business Preferred℠ is one of the best travel credit cards for small business as it offers great features like a low annual fee, flexible reward system, and competitive APR. You can spend your reward points on travel or cash back as it has a great reward system. It is ideal for any small business that has normal expenses every month as the most rewards you earn are from shopping, advertising, travel and purchasing supplies and stationaries for the office. The rewards are divided into two parts, the introductory offer for signing up and for everyday spending, and ongoing reward offer. You have to be a prime borrower with excellent credit quality to qualify for the Chase Ink Business Preferred℠.

Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard®
This is one of the best travel credit cards for small business as it is specifically designed for business travelers who have travel frequently. Spending on hotels, airline tickets, and rental cars are covered. An introductory APR of 0% is offered by this card for the first nine months of the billing cycle. This makes it a perfect fit for any business that needs to transfer a current balance. This card also offers one of the lowest potential APRs for their strong borrowers. However, even though it offers the best business credit card rewards for travel, it does not offer great rewards for office and stationery expenses. The card has no annual fee and the regular APR is 12.99% to 22.99% variable APR on purchases.

Capital One® Spark® Miles
The Capital One® Spark® Miles is one of the best travel credit cards for small business for people who one to receive airline rewards. Without any blackouts or seat restrictions, every purchase you will receive 2X mile rewards. It is best to travel rewards credit card for small business especially for airlines in particular. The introductory and regular APR, both are the same, 18.49%. The annual fee is $95 and it is waived for the first year. While there are excellent travel rewards that this credit card offers but you are not eligible for cash back or rewards on any other purchases.

Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business
One of the best travel credit cards for small business is Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business. It is popularly used by people who travel with Southwest Airlines as this card offers increased rewards for expenses with Southwest Airlines and their car rentals and hotels. If you are a regular flyer with Southwest Airlines, the card also allows you to book the airfare, rental cars, and hotel stays using your points. There are also various benefits offered by this card like free same-day standby, priority check-in, security lane access, and priority boarding. The introductory APR and the regular APR is the same, 17.74% to 24.74% variable APR on purchases. The annual fee for the card is $99, and the balance fee is $5 or 5%. If you frequently travel with Southwest or check-in the Rapid Rewards hotel or even car rental partners, then this card is ideal for you. Also, you earn 60,000 points if you spend $3k in the first three months and you can use these introductory rewards to book a hotel, rent a car, and even book a round-trip for two.