Four best flea treatments available for cats

Four best flea treatments available for cats

Flea parasites in cats can lead to anemia, skin allergies, and a number of bacterial infections that can further result in complications like Bartonella and the plague.

Often you might wonder why it is so difficult to get rid of flea parasites despite undergoing some of the best flea treatments for cats. The female parasite can lay up to fifty eggs in a day and these parasites multiply rapidly. Flea parasites can also survive in different weather conditions, thereby making them physically impossible to get rid of in one go.

There are many flea treatment options and products available in the market. Consider the following points to ensure you afford the best flea treatment for cats.

Most flea medications and topical applications are not functional in the first round. Several doses need to be administered before the treatment becomes effective.

Buy products for cats only
You must always buy products for cats only. Do not mix dog and cat flea treatment as some chemicals are not suitable to use on your furry feline. It is advisable to buy cat-specific flea medications and topical applications.

Consult with a vet
When in doubt, always consult with a veterinarian to find out if your cat is allergic to any products or substances. There are many hypoallergenic cat flea treatments available in the market. Also, always ensure you read the product description before buying.

Here is a list of the best flea treatments for cats you may consider.

A popular option when it comes to liquid medications for best flea treatments for cats. FRONTLINE® Plus is an effective formula that can kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Simply apply the liquid around your cat’s neck to stop the eggs and larvae of fleas from developing. The liquid is fast acting and results can be seen within 12 hours. The formula is also safe for kittens that are older than eight weeks. You can buy Frontline plus online on popular retail websites. A three-dose supply will last you 3 months and can be bought for around $35.

SENTRY Fiproguard Plus
You can consider a cheaper alternative to Frontline Plus for liquid medications. SENTRY Fiproguard is fast acting, long lasting, and a waterproof formula to kill common bug infestations like fleas, ticks, and lice. The formula is similar to FRONTLINE® Plus considering the active ingredients used. However, the application is different in comparison. One dose of the medication will be effective for a period of 30 days and the product can be bought online with options available for three and six doses. Prices will vary accordingly and the starting price is around $26.57.

SENTRY Capguard
The popular brand also offers tablets for fast-acting relief within thirty minutes of consuming a single tablet. SENTRY Capguard is a good temporary solution for quick relief from a flea, lice, and tick infestation. The oral medication is effective immediately and you can consider long-term alternatives while the tablets take effect. One tablet a day will counter the infestation and is safe for kittens and full grown cats. You can buy a pack of six tablets at $15 approximately.

PetArmor FastCaps
Another good oral medication when it comes to some of the best flea treatments for cats is PetArmor. Over the counter, tablets can be bought online and provides fast acting relief from a nasty flea infestation. Veterinarians recommend fast acting oral tablets as the product is safe to use on expecting cats as well. The tablets are also quite effective against adult fleas that cause flea allergy dermatitis, a serious eczema skin disease in both cats and dogs. A six-count pack of tablets can be bought for $18 approximately.

Some products might have side effects and you must use them with caution and not exceed the recommended dosage to ensure a quick and safe recovery.

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