Five best IRA accounts of 2016

Five best IRA accounts of 2016

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a kind of savings account that lets you save in the present for your future, once you are retired. It gives you multiple tax benefits. An IRA may be a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. It is always advisable to compare different IRA accounts in order to make a well-informed decision. The accounts provide customers with the right investment option and low fees over the long tenure. The best IRA accounts of 2016 are listed here:

This is one of the best broker as it brings forth a vast range of investment products for you to choose from. It provides all the information with regard to the rollover of the IRA and the conversion of the same. Based on the amount you deposit, you may receive a sum, not more than $600, for opening an account. Also, you will get ample choice to invest in more than 8,000 mutual funds available with E*Trade.

TD Ameritrade
Second, on the list, these online brokers are known for their easy access to resources with regard to trading tools and platforms. You may benefit from the usage of a range of planning tools that will help you reach closer to your financial goals.

Having one of the best IRA accounts of 2016, Scottrade is well-known in the market for an exceptional service and customer support that it offers. They offer a range of investment products and are known for their services. One of their best products is the Flexible Reinvestment Program, wherein you enjoy the option of investing the dividends earned from one set of shares into another set of stocks at no additional cost.

You may plan for your retirement on this platform. It has a number of online tools which has made it a preferred choice of investors. You may get access to several services like balancing of the portfolio and tax loss harvesting. Most importantly, you may enjoy all of this at the lowest fees. There are no rebalancing fees, no transaction fees, and no trade fees.

One of the biggest financial advisors in the industry, Wealthfront offers a range of services including an automated portfolio rebalance, tax loss harvesting, and a stock diversification program. It charges a flat rate to the consumers regardless of the size of their portfolio.

Now that you have a fair idea of the best IRA accounts of 2016, choose from one of the aforementioned accounts to manage your contribution and to make the right investment decisions.