Embellish your house with cabinet knobs from Top Knobs

Embellish your house with cabinet knobs from Top Knobs

Your living room isn’t the only space of your house that can leave a lasting impression on the guests; your kitchen and bath are equally important, especially if your guests decide to stay over. Believe it or not, right from your sofa set to your kitchen cabinets are being silently judged by the visitors, and so is your taste when it comes to choosing furniture, and getting it right.

Do you know that despite coordinating the color of your kitchen or living room cabinets with the color of the walls, what can ruin the finishing appeal of these cabinets? The diminutive yet integral item that can make or break the entire appearance of your cabinets are its knobs. Contrary to what most people think, you cannot simply choose a random cabinet knob and expect the other factors of the cabinet to fall in place. Cabinet knobs are crafted with great precision, and it involves a lot of thought process. Just like there are different types of cabinets, there are different types of cabinet knobs you are yet to explore.

If you wish to decorate your house with cabinets that have perfect knobs, your next stop would be Top Knobs. This store specializes in crafting fine decorative hardware, especially for the kitchen and bath. Each of these cabinet knobs is crafted with extreme precision, and each of them is an ode to the craftsmanship and exquisite architectural detail that went into the making of these knobs. Cabinet knobs or pulls, you’ll find everything here.

The popular Top Knobs’ cabinet knobs with sealed finishes that have a distinct personality of their own are as follows:

Flat Black (BLK)
Black is a color that never goes out of style; it signifies elegance and goes with whichever color you pair with it. In the realm of furniture and design, black fixtures have made an impressive comeback and are currently hailed as one of the most popular trends in kitchen and bathroom designs. Often considered as the right fit for modern spaces, this matte flat black Top Knobs’ cabinet knob effectively adds a touch of drama, and stands out in contrast with the design, thereby, illuminating the cabinet as a whole.

Honey Bronze
Old-world furniture has an exquisiteness that is irreplaceable. Well, wouldn’t it be amazing if this charm was extended to cabinets to enunciate their elegance by adding a chic twist to its knobs? The honey bronze knobs from Top Knobs is crafted along these lines. This Top Knobs’ cabinet knobs look classy with the perfect amalgamation of the classic bronze and brass with a softer, light golden tone. This would give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets an elegant finish.

Polished Nickel (PN)
A lot of furniture takes inspiration from the Victorian Era since it combined finesse and style. Cabinets in the living area, kitchen, and the bathroom were common sightings during the Victorian Age, and the intricate designs are a source of inspiration for today’s craftsmen. So, if you are an admirer of the Victorian Age and everything related to it, the polished nickel knob from Top Knobs will be the perfect choice to adorn your cabinets. The surface is polished nickel and is lustrous and easily adaptable with almost every design scheme you can think of. You can rest assured since this cabinet knob from Top Knobs never goes out of style.

Ash Gray (AG)
The color gray has an elegance and earthly feel to it that makes the entire set up look appealing. This is what craftsmen at Top Knobs knew when they came up with the Ash Gray cabinet knobs. The traditional gray has been replaced by the unique ash gray, which, with its low-reflecting shine gives a warm glow to the entire cabinet. Though it looks somber, there’s nothing more elegant that ash gray as it gives the furniture a vintage feel.

Pewter (PT)
Pewter is one of those Top Knobs cabinet knobs that belongs to the darker side of the silver metal family, which implies that, whichever furniture it is used to decorate, it gives it a regal finish. Pewter has the ability to pick up light while casting a soft glow at the same time; if you wish to reminiscence of the good old days, you can choose this cabinet knob as a part of your décor.