Different colors that can change the aesthetics of your bathroom

Different colors that can change the aesthetics of your bathroom

Do you have a plain-jane bathroom that you want to revamp? Well, you’re not alone. Most people want to change up the aesthetic of their bathrooms, and if you have a smaller bathroom, then this becomes most essential.

The quickest way to change the entire look of your bathroom is by picking the right paint colors for your bathroom. But this is probably something you’re already well aware of. What most people don’t know is that hues and shades matter a lot in how a room feels, and your bathroom is no different.

Let’s take your imagination for a spin and add a personal touch to your bathroom. Here are some paint colors for your bathroom. 

Mellow arctic blue
Blue is one of the most sought-after colors for bathroom paints- for obvious reasons. It’s calming and elevates your bathroom to an almost spa-like feeling. Of course, while the harsh jagged shades of blue don’t help, the arctic blue shade with grey undertones may just be perfect for those who like soothing shades.

You can mute the interior additions to your bathroom to a subtle blue and grey shade as well. For those who like a pop of color in their bathrooms, you could add red or yellow bathroom accessories.

Dramatic black
This might come in stark contrast to what’s already been said about paint colors for your bathroom. If you’re all about sophistication and want to take a trip to the dark side, then black is the color you should opt for. This also allows you to add shimmery and reflective surfaces to your interior.

The flooring can be subtle as this can make a world of a difference, so keep a special eye out for that.

Minty mint
Here’s a color you might not have envisioned your bathroom in. A cool green mint color is a great way to bring a calming effect, in a room exposed to a lot of sunlight. This can be extended to other rooms in your house too. This will make your home feel a lot cooler.

These are only some of the bathroom paint ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Of course, you can go a shade lighter or darker and even experiment with various greens, metallics, blues, and pinks. Don’t forget to add various shades of paper towels to the mix, and stock up on toilet paper with toilet paper coupons.