Boost your kids’ imagination with KidKraft dollhouses

Boost your kids’ imagination with KidKraft dollhouses

Curiosity, excitement, faith, wonder, and persistence are a few qualities distinctly associated with children. And dollhouses are toys for girls that precisely enhance these characteristics. Very thoughtfully crafted dolls, doll furniture and dollhouses are made by KidKraft in an assortment of materials like wood, MDF, plastic, and plexiglass.

Sparking their innate imagination, KidKraft dollhouses are being designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns since 1968. There are tiny or elaborate ones that can hold dolls varying in height between 5, 12, and 18 inches, and everything from Disney Princess Palaces to plush mansions, and enchanted forest dollhouses to teeny dollhouses that is an adorable, space-saving tiny house, offer endless hours of imaginative fun and play for little children and their friends.

Detailed and decorated very thoughtfully, and as realistically as possible, the multi-room KidKraft dollhouses are fitted with windows that can open and close, wheels that enable the dollhouses to move, multiple tiny furniture pieces perfectly suited for every room, straight and spiral staircases, elevators that move up and down, pianos that actually plays music, furniture that makes sounds, boutiques, salons and cafés with fabric awnings and cakes and cups and saucers, chandeliers that light up, toilets that flush, backyards with grill, swimming pools, sparkling treasure chests, and some dollhouses that can be rotated 360 degrees for convenient playing of children, allowing exploration and discovery in a fascinating and bright environment.

Skillfully crafted in durable materials, and artistically and attentively furnished to stimulate the dreams of little girls, KidKraft dollhouses support changing play patterns with a growing child. You can choose from a really large range of dollhouses that have different themes and that can accommodate one or more children to play together at the same time. The Bonita Rosa Dollhouse, Country Estate Wooden Dollhouse, Brooklyn’s Loft Dollhouse, Disney® Princess Ariel Land to Sea Castle Dollhouse, Pacific Bungalow Dollhouse, Uptown Dollhouse, Breanna 18-In Dollhouse, Grand Anniversary Dollhouse, Disney® Frozen Ice Crystal Palace Wooden Dollhouse, Far Far Away Dollhouse, My Dreamy Dollhouse, Grand View Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™, Disney® Princess Ariel Undersea Kingdom Dollhouse, Grand Estate Dollhouse, Modern Luxury Dollhouse, and Storybook Mansion Wooden Dollhouse are just a few of the many more that KidKraft offerings.

Easy to assemble, the KidKraft dollhouses bring to life vivid fantasies from the child’s mind in all the elaborately created backdrops, furniture, and dolls that complete the dollhouses. These sturdy yet elegant creations from KidKraft can be customized by the child as they play and certainly last a long time. Beautiful flower arrangements and charming balconies and patios are inviting even for adults to let themselves go and join in the fun.