Best mass text messaging services for a business

Best mass text messaging services for a business

By installing a mass text messaging software on your phone, you can easily forward multiple text messages to your employees, customers, and friends at a time no matter where they are. Though many socializing apps are ruling the arena of communication, SMS remains the best means of communication and is also an easy and inexpensive marketing strategy. There are several mass text messaging services developed to make business communication experience much better. Here is a sneak peek of the best business text messaging apps for your business.

SlickText offers five different plans of which the Step Up, The Lil Bro, and The Big Bro Text Marketing Plan suit best to small and large businesses. The basic The Step-Up charges $49 per month for 1000 texts to unlimited contacts, picture messaging, rollover texts and one on one training sessions. You are also allowed to use up to 4 text words.

Trumpia has more additional feathers than other SMS application in the lineup. They sell up to 25,000 texts in a package that does not expire. You can use them in your business in many ways from usual marketing messages to appointment reminders. Their lowest monthly plan is $285, and the standard plan is $142 per month for a prepay of 2years

ProTexting is one of the best mass text messaging service providers. The company offers five self-managed plans of which the standard plan costs $149 per month for 3,300 texts and business plan for $299 per month for 6,700 texts with 6 keywords which could be altered anytime. All the plans are enabled with multimedia messaging. Annual prepayment lets you save few pinches of money.

SimpleTexting has numerous effective tools for mass text messaging. They collaborate with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook lot more than other applications and does not charge any sign-up fee. SimpleTexting offers a free trial period for 14 days and for 1000 text messages you need to pay $45 per month which includes unlimited keywords usage.

Mozeo transforms your text messaging experience from traditional to modern mobile marketing. unlike other services Mozeo offers flat message pricing, that is they charge 3 cents per message, unlimited contacts and use up to 300 characters. Any unused messages will be added over to the next month’s pack. You additionally get 10 free message credit, 15-day mobile web trail and a trail keyword for a onetime fee.