Amazing AT&T cell phone plans for seniors

Amazing AT&T cell phone plans for seniors

AT&T is one of the best and most popular cell phone carriers in the country. They provide various attractive phone plans for different customers according to their requirement. AT&T has many phone plans that are available exclusively for seniors. These cell phone plans for seniors are specially designed based on seniors’ requirements on a cell phone.

AT&T Senior Nation Plan
The AT&T Senior Nation Plan is a low-priced nationwide calling plan for those who are 65 or older people. The monthly fee is around $30, and there is an activation fee that is around $45. This plan provides 200 free minutes, unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes, 500 minutes on weekends and weekdays nights after 9 PM, and there are no roaming or long-distance charges. After using up the 200 minutes, the calling tariff is around 45 cents per minute. Data, text messages, rollover, unity minutes are not included, and this plan is for basic phones only.

AT&T GoPhone Daily
This plan is the perfect cheap prepaid plan for seniors, which provides unlimited minutes and text messages on $2 per day of use, only have to pay for those days using the phone. If the account has not recharged, then the unused balance may expire. This plan helps seniors to save money while using cell phones and to get connected with family and health professionals on emergencies at a very low cost.

Prepaid plans
AT&T cell phone plans for seniors include prepaid plans at $25 monthly fees and an auto pay enrolment discount of $5. This plan provides unlimited calls and text messages but there is no data included. Seniors may not have much of an interest in Internet browsing, text messaging or streaming music, but they want these options in their phone plan; therefore, AT&T is providing these requirements with special plans. AT&T cell phone plans for seniors do not have any special plans that include calls, texts, and data, but they do have a very special low-cost prepaid plan at a monthly rate of around $45, there is also a discount of $5 for an auto pay enrolment. This plan offers unlimited calls in and between the country, Canada, and Mexico, along with unlimited text, picture, and video messages.

Cricket Wireless uses AT&T’s network as it is owned by AT&T. The Cricket Wireless Basic plan offers an attractive phone plan for mobile-savvy seniors with enough data on an affordable monthly fee. This plan includes 5GB of data and unlimited talk and text for a monthly fee of $40 and auto pay discounts of $5. AT&T also offers low-cost wireline home internet service for residents of California who receive supplemental security income.