All you need to know about the best Maytag washers

All you need to know about the best Maytag washers

Maytag is one of the finest brands manufacturing washing machines. It is an American brand, which is a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation. Over the years, the brand has gone from strength to strength and has produced a wide range of top load and front load washing machines. Maytag washers are known for their performance, technology, and energy efficiency. Maytag washer reviews speak volumes about the quality of the products, and you can check these online. This article gives you an insight into the finest Maytag washers that you can buy for your home.

Front Load Washer with Optimal Dose Dispenser and Powerwash System
This model is a top-rated Maytag front load washing machine. It has an impressive capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, which is sufficient for family laundry. Leading consumer magazines have rated this washing machine among their top 10 choices. There is no doubt about the quality of cleaning delivered by the Powerwash system. This model makes the best use of technology. It has been structured in the interest of maximum convenience and looks smart as well. The model number is MHW8200FC. It is available for around $1,499.

Extra Large Washer with Deep Clean Option
Choose an extra large Maytag washer if you have a large family. It will save you the trouble of putting your family’s clothes to wash multiple times. The model MVWB835DC has a huge capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. The cleaning mechanism is powerful but rest assured that your clothes will be handled with care. The Powerwash system, which the brand incorporates in multiple models, is well engineered to suit your needs. The deep clean option and optimal dispensers are the USPs of this model. You can buy it for around $1,199. Check out Maytag’s official website and online appliance shopping sites for offers, deals, and discounts.

High Capacity Top Load Washer
Check out the model MVWB955FC, which is a high capacity top load washing machine. It is a deep fill Maytag washer with a capacity of 6.2 cubic feet. This model has a sleek look with a slate finish and is among the best top load models. The mechanism is based on the 18-lb load and is driven by the Powerwash system. You can avail some attractive offers on this model as well. Maytag’s products come with warranties. Hence, you needn’t worry about premature damage repairs either. You can avail this product for around $1,499.


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