5 best self-publishing companies for authors to consider

5 best self-publishing companies for authors to consider

Books are one the most literary wealthy resources in the world. Thus, publishing a book can be a major milestone in the life of an author. It takes immense hard work, dedication, and courage to have one’s book published. For the longest time in history, first-time authors were dependent on the publishing houses to be enamored by their writings before they could have a debut. However, the old model of traditional publishing has been turned around and writers today have the liberty to self-publish their work. Self-publishing has become a common means of publishing today, and thus, there is a proliferation in the number of self-publishing companies. It allows writers to decide every little aspect attached to the process of publishing the book and this has led to change in the idea of publishing.

Typically, the best self-publishing companies let independent authors convert their manuscripts into a formula that is suitable for publishing while giving access to one or more retail platforms. However, there are several companies that also offer add-on services such as professional book editing, enhanced distribution, marketing assistance, cover design and more.

The plethora of self-publishing companies that exist now can leave one perplexed as to which one to pick. Here are some best self-publishing companies that are found to serve as great options.

One of the most well-revered self-publishing companies, Lulu has truly carved out a niche for itself. The quick rise in the bandwagon of publishing companies come due to one reason, i.e., it serves as the hood for every book-publishing solution. From printers, editors to illustrators, this is the ultimate stop to aid in making the final outcome crisper. The company is lauded for its immense attention to detail, and thus, it is one of the best self-publishing companies out there.

Book Baby
Book Baby is an extremely well-built website that makes one’s self-publishing journey immense smooth. The company simplifies and the publishing process and enables one to enjoy a ride devoid of bumps. Most importantly, the service is offered at a great price and packages start from as low as $99. What makes Book Baby even more enticing is the fact that the company does not take any percentage of commission from sales. Well, this certainly is a stir from the common practices followed at traditional publishing houses.

A brainchild of Amazon, CreateSpace enables authors to take the plunge from e-publishing to print-publishing, without having to pay up. The amazing facility offered by CreateSpace makes it a revered option among first-time authors. Moreover, it also aids in supporting individuals with a tight budget. A drawback, the company does not provide essential services such as editing and formation. Thus, one will have to seek other means for these functions.

Virtual Bookworm
Virtual Bookworm is known for its turnarounds and is one of the best self-publishing companies. The publisher offers all the different services that are essential for the effective publishing of a book. Moreover, the service is offered at an affordable cost, making it a good choice for first-time authors. A catch, one will have to pay up 50% of the royalties if they wish to publish through the company.

Author House
Based out of UK, Author House is yet another alluring self-publishing company. The service providers have a sturdy standing in the publishing and thus, the stardust does sprinkle on the work of the author. Author House also proudly claims to be one of the self-publishing companies that has uplifted an immense number of authors. The website employs a well-established interface that promotes ease of use. Author House services can be availed at packages priced from $400 and upwards.

It goes without saying that the best self-publishing companies enable one to have complete control over the process of publishing. However, it entails its own set of pros and cons. Thus, one must evaluate and weight the different aspects before picking the best self-publishing company.