3 steps to note when cleaning wooden flooring

3 steps to note when cleaning wooden flooring

Wooden floorings are widely used as they bring along a distinct character and warm touch to the home. The cozy appearance and subtle shade complement most types of furnishings and interiors. Wood surfaces have an own old timeless charm and effectively communicate the personality of other elements within the room. A lesser-known fact—homes with wooden floorings also have a better resale value. Well, if you are have made up your mind about getting that beautiful wooden flooring for your home, great decision! However, you may be a little hesitant while thinking of the cleaning process. Fret not! Following the right cleaning steps will go a long way in maintaining the longevity and aesthetics of the wooden flooring.

Daily – Wooden flooring does not trap dust and dirt like carpeted floorings but must be regularly dusted and swept. It is better to refrain from using regular brooms as they can scratch or damage the surface. Rather, opt for a broom made from soft materials or microfiber cloth. In this way, the grime on the floor is effectively and gently cleared. As with other hard floorings, the wooden variant must not be mopped with liquid or water as part of daily cleaning.

Weekly The daily cleaning process may not be able to effectively cover all the area on the wooden flooring. Some spots may be left out and this is where the weekly cleaning regime comes in. Corners near the bed or tables must be addressed. It would serve better to use a vacuum cleaner as nothing removes fine debris and dirt from the cracks as well as this cleaning appliance. However, be sure to switch to the rotating brush or the bristles can scratch the surface.

Periodic – Apart from keeping the dirt and dust away, wooden floorings call for deep cleaning and polishing after short periods. One can take help of professional cleaners or carry out the process themselves. However, it is important to use special wood flooring products as ordinary solvents can cause irreversible damage.

The chore of cleaning a wooden flooring can seem extremely time consuming and confusing. However, with time, the process is bound to become much easier. The right choice of tools and approaches when cleaning the surface will amazingly contribute to the ambiance of your home.