3 providers of home loans with no down payment

3 providers of home loans with no down payment

Most borrowers wanting to buy a house are always on a lookout for the most-suited mortgage. They look for lenders who offer them the lowest rates of down payments. Although there are lenders who offer mortgages at extremely low down payment requirement, a no down payment home loan is rare to find. Following are the three providers of loans who do not require any down payment:

Department of Veteran Affairs
Qualified veterans, specific members of National Guards and Reserves, as well as duty service members are eligible for a house loan from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Apart from getting a no down payment home loan, the borrower does not need to obtain additional mortgage insurance either. This is covered by the funding fees which is paid by the borrower and further added into the loan amount itself. As a first-time borrower, there is a varying funding fee of 2.15% for veterans or the current members of the military as well as 2.4% for other eligible members of the National Guards and Reserves.

Navy Federal Credit Union
Known to be the largest credit union when it comes to the membership as well as assets, the Navy Federal offers no down payment home loans with 100% financing to primary members. The eligibility, however, is only for specific civilian employees of the military and the Department of Defense, military members as well as the immediate family of those mentioned above. The funding fee of 1.75% of the Navy Federal Credit Union is lesser than that of the Department of Veteran Affairs.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
USDA has grown to be one of the highest lenders of no down payment home loans in the nation. Contrary to what the name suggests, the borrowers are not just associated with farmlands. In fact, you may find your eligibility as well on their website. The only two restrictions are the household income criteria and the geographical limitation. Although it is not a written guideline, experts say that USDA prefers first-time borrowers. However, again, it is not a hard and fast rule, but it is easier for first-time borrowers to procure a loan from USDA.

The eligibility criteria to procure a loan with the first two providers is very limited. However, you may try your luck with USDA while looking for a mortgage with zero down payment.