3 effective tips to quit smoking completely

3 effective tips to quit smoking completely

People pick up unhealthy habits due to a variety of reasons; it can either be peer pressure or some personal issue that forces them into developing this habit. One such addiction that claims 480,000 lives every year is smoking. Smoking is a highly-addictive habit that poses a great threat to the individual who smokes and those in the vicinity of smokers. In fact, passive smoking or secondhand smoking has resulted in about 41,000 deaths every year.

So, if a loved one is trying to kick the butt, they’ll need all they can get. Here are some handy tips that will help people quit smoking effectively.

Gear up before going “cold turkey”
One cannot quit smoking simply by throwing away the cigarettes out. Smoking is an addiction and it affects the brain as well. The brain becomes addicted to the nicotine, and without it, the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. Which is why it is imperative to make arrangements in advance as the individual will need support to get through this phase. So, it is sensible to ask the doctor for ways to cope with the withdrawal symptoms, or join some quit-smoking classes, establish a solid support system, counseling, or opting for hypnosis or medication.

Opt for nicotine replacement therapy
When someone decides to quit smoking, the nicotine withdrawal can give them headaches, fatigue, and mood swings. The craving will hit them hard, and the urge for “one last drag” will make all the efforts futile. If this is the case, opting for nicotine replacement therapy can help ease the withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine replacement therapy includes nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and lozenges, and these will improve one’s chances of quitting smoking successfully.

Avoid alcohol and other triggers
Alcohol is known to weaken one’s resolve as people under the influence of alcohol aren’t capable of making sound decisions. It is harder to stick to the goal of quitting smoking if one consumes alcohol. So, it is imperative to try and limit the alcohol intake in the beginning, and stop it completely as the journey to quit smoking progresses. Instead of drinking alcohol, one can switch to tea for a few weeks and the urge to drink will subside eventually.

Adhering to these tips to quit smoking will require a lot of conviction and willpower, and even if the individual fails the first time, the resolve to kick the butt should make them try harder the next time.