10 best Vanguard funds to invest in

10 best Vanguard funds to invest in

Vanguard is touted to offer the best investing funds in the market due to their selection of the best stocks, funds, and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). However, perhaps the one place where they do tend to make their prospective customers nebulous is the vast types of funds they offer.

Therefore, it is advisable that individuals do a thorough research of all the funds they have to offer or, take help from the below list of the 10 best Vanguard funds.

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index
Vanguard’s Total Stock Market is one of the biggest and best mutual funds due to its attractive features that include low expenses and a heterogeneous index fund.

Vanguard 500 Index
500 Index predominantly means a fund that holds about the largest 500 U.S. stocks (such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and more). It is ideal for investors who wish to build their own portfolio.

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index
With a minimum investment of $3,000, the Total Bond Market focuses on investing more in stocks while a portion of their investment is put into bonds as well.

Vanguard Total International Stock Market Index
Vanguard’s international stock funds include stocks from emerging economies such as India and China as well as from developed countries. As such, the scope for profitability is high.

Vanguard Growth Index
Investors who are seeking to make more profits from their financial tools may choose the Growth funds by Vanguard. Considering they have a high rate of return, they carry high risks too.

Vanguard Balanced Index
Balanced funds, rated as one of the 10 best Vanguard funds, are basically mutual funds and ETFs provided by Vanguard that invest a significant amount in both bonds as well as stocks.

Vanguard Wellesley Income
The Wellesley Income fund is primarily designed for long-term yields. Investors who want to avoid high risk or retired officials who want a balanced profit from income and growth may opt for this fund.

Vanguard STAR
STAR is a very affordable fund introduced by Vanguard for individuals with less income. The minimum amount to start investing in this fund is as less as $1,000.

Vanguard Mid-Cap Index
The Vanguard Mid-Cap funds, ranging from 10-15 years, have proven to bring a higher yield as compared to long-term funds.

Vanguard Target-Retirement Fund
Just as the name goes, the retirement funds offered by Vanguard mature depending on the retirement age of an individual.