10 best business schools that can give an impetus to your career

10 best business schools that can give an impetus to your career

Your alma mater has a huge impact on molding your career; this is where you learn the nuances of the profession you are going to choose in future. Enrolling in the best business schools will definitely give an impetus to your career, and the degree you attain from such business schools are instrumental in launching you directly into high-paying careers without you having to go through the regular grind of job hunting. If you wish to become the next Michael Bloomberg or Steve Ballmer, you need to find a common ground with these biggies, and that would be enrolling in one of the best business schools.

If you are keen on establishing your future business and taking it to unprecedented heights, you need to start somewhere, and this begins with enrolling yourself into one of the 10 best business schools. The 10 best business schools in the country are the Harvard Business School (Harvard University), The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), Booth School of Business (University of Chicago), Sloan School of Management (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University), Graduate School of Business (Standford University), Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley), Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College), Columbia Business School (Columbia University), and Yale School of Management (Yale University).

Harvard Business School (Harvard University)
The Harvard University is one of the oldest and most popular universities in the world. In addition to being widely popular, the Harvard Business School has the most expensive MBA program. If you see the Harvard grads that are now billionaires, you would find the course fees worth it. You need an average GMAT score of 731 to get into one of the best business schools of 2018. The employment rate of fresh Harvard graduates is 78.9 percent, which reflects this business school’s credibility.

The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania)
The Wharton School is the second-most expensive business school that is known to churn out ambitious graduates who have made it big in whichever arena they chose for themselves. Wharton’s stellar reputation, the 92.6 percent job placement, and high average starting salary are what makes it a sensible investment. In fact, the very fact that you’ll get a highly-placed job within the first three months of graduating from Wharton places this business school among the 10 best business schools.

Booth School of Business (University of Chicago)
The full-time MBA program from Booth School of Business ensures that its graduates secure a high-paying job within the first three months of graduating. Its full-time MBA program focuses more on training students to deal with the real-world business scenarios; they encourage practical business knowledge through experiential learning and lab courses where students are given the opportunity to work with actual early-stage startups.

Sloan School of Management (Massachusetts Institue of Technology)
This business school is among the 10 best business schools in the country, and you need an average GMAT of 722 if you wish to enroll in this business school. Around 93.9 percent of the graduates of this business school were employed within the first three of graduating. Major companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft usually hire the students who successfully graduate from this business school.

Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University)
The donors of this business school were the famous John L. and Helen Kellog, the heirs of the famed cereal company. The school has a strong international presence; its International Growth Lab pairs the students with the ESADE in Barcelona and the Hong Kong’s University of Science and Technology for devising new strategies to face international business’s real problems at hand. A GMAT Score of 732 is one of the requisites of getting into this business school.

The Graduate School of Business, Haas School of Business, Tuck School of Business, Columbia Business School, and Yale School of Management are affordable when you compare the tuition fees of these business schools with the likes of Harvard Business School. Moreover, the GMAT score you need to get into either of these business schools ranges between 717 and 730, ensuring that only the best can get a seat at these prestigious business schools.